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Vignobles de larose


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«It was Vincent who had the idea to organise an impromptu dinner. Cheese, foie gras, everyone brought something wonderful, it was a real feast. Me, I brought the wine : Larose Trintaudon, it always goes down well ! It’s a fine wine but it’s approachable, one that pleases everyone.   Winelovers note the elegance and finesse of a great terroir, neophytes appreciate its smooth fruit.  And if there’s a bottle left you can let it age quietly in the cellar!  It was really a magic moment that I won’t forget in a hurry ! ».

But what Alexandre didn’t say was that, that evening, he fell in love.   Paloma won’t forget either the irresistible charm of this Frenchman who, in rather halting Spanish, had convinced her that at that moment they were drinking the best wine in the world ! 

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