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Vignobles de larose


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Grape reception :  Sorted after destemming

Alcoholic fermentation and maceration: the length of post fermentation maceration varies according to the type of wine desired, the grape variety, maturity levels and the sanitary condition of the grapes.

Micro-oxygenation during post fermentation maceration, as necessary (reasoned) according to the strength and quality of the tannins of each vat.

Running off and Pressing of the grape pulp. The press wine obtained is run off and selected by tasting. 

– Malolactic fermentation takes place in the vats after running off, coming at the end of the process.

Pre-blending before being put in barrels in order to create lots which are of homogenous quality.    It is at this point that the volumes for the 1st wine are defined (generally 85%).
At the same moment we undertake blending trials with the press wines to determine the percentage required to obtain optimum quality. 

Ageing : 85% in French oak barrels  (from the Nièvre and the Allier) and 10% in American oak for 10 to 12 months. 20 to 25% are new barrels.

Blending : takes place at the end of the ageing period, and is determined by tasting.   Once the blend has been defined, the wine returns to the vats for the final blending and preparation for bottling, which includes a final stage of clarification.   For the Château Larose Trintaudon, we choose between filtration and fining depending on the vintage.  For example, the more rich and structured the vintage, the more that fining is the more suitable option.

Chateau Bottling: We use premier quality natural cork, sourced in the best Portuguese forests for which a perfect traceability is assured.  

Watch Harvest 2014 

In conformity with HACCP and French regulations we:

– Rinse all bottles  ;

– Test and analyse all corks on delivery  ;

– Carry out regular checks during bottling  ;

– Undergo Health and Safety Audits. 


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